BlueJeans Video Conferencing: Interoperable Virtual Meetings Everywhere

by Susannah Magers

BlueJeans' virtual meetings platform makes every end user’s job easier by working with the audio and video conferencing equipment already in place. Explore the new reality of interoperability, a primary factor that’s making every video meeting “better than being there” while saving businesses time and money.

BlueJeans Video Conferencing: Virtual Meetings Everywhere

BlueJeans Video Calls: Empowering Remote Sales Success

Sales personnel in every industry often have wide territories to cover. “In a perfect world, face-to-face interaction is preferred. In reality, there are many factors, such as cost and time, that come into play,” notes Steve Weinstock, Head of Business Development and Integration Partners at BlueJeans.

Joining a video call from anywhere means flexibility and freedom from the traditional room-based video and audio conferencing meetings. “I don’t have to be at the mercy of traffic, or airport delays. I can start an online meeting or video call remotely from anywhere, at anytime.”

Once the video call begins, adding the telepresence of team members is easy. “I can easily make the meeting a group video call by adding coworkers and other important contacts who I think would be advantageous to have in the conversation.” This translates into being more efficient and productive when talking with current and prospective customers.

Video Conferencing: Better Collaboration in Virtual Meetings

Video conferencing technology is changing the way teams collaborate and ideas are generated and shared. “This is happening across industries, including, but certainly not limited to, the sales management space,” says Weinstock.

BlueJeans video conferencing makes any virtual meeting happen, “easier, faster and more efficiently.” There’s a huge capability particularly when it comes to webRTC, which means that you can invite customers or prospects to join an online meeting from their browser. “There’s no need to download an app, which can present a particular challenge when working in situations where IT settings prevent downloading materials for security reasons. If you can’t download that app, we can’t use the service,” adds Weinstock.

“There’s so much more value to the video component of a virtual meeting. Seeing visual affirmations of understanding demonstrates that participants are in sync, and that non-verbal communication is irreplaceable from that standpoint,” Weinstock states.

BlueJeans Video Meetings for Education: “Raising Your Virtual Hand”

“The education space is shifting dramatically,” explains Weinstock, reflecting a desire for online meeting tools and capabilities, for online courses, and beyond. “Many educational institutions are providing online courses for students on and off campus. What BlueJeans brings to remote and online learning by way of the Canvas LMS integration, for example, is a truly interactive online meeting experience.

Most online courses are comprised of a recording, which is passively consumed by students. This is a missed opportunity for face-to-face connectivity that’s facilitated by video conferencing between students and faculty. “Students in this scenario don’t get to ask questions while the lecture is happening. BlueJeans enables optimal interactivity for education through livestreaming courses and lectures via video, while allowing remote students to participate in real time,” notes Weinstock. The recording can then be easily accessed later as a supplemental learning tool.

Collaborative and Flexible Virtual Meetings

Another key benefit to video conferencing with BlueJeans, when it comes to educational applications, is scheduling and holding virtual office hours or video study sessions with other classmates to complete a collaborative project—directly from within Canvas.

Whether you are present in the classroom environment, or participating remotely, BlueJeans audio and video conferencing enables learning to happen anywhere. Livestream a webinar, screen share notes to collaborate on an online presentation with classmates and students, or start a video call from your Android or iOS device.

Weinstock estimates that 25% of his own children’s college courses are taught online—and that they are completed in a fraction of the time. “This online structure allows for a course, that may have taken an entire semester to complete if attending a class per week, to be completed in two weeks. This is because it’s done at the convenience of the student. What we’re doing at BlueJeans helps make today’s educational experience more productive and cost effective for students and schools alike,” says Weinstock.

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