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The BlueJeans Telehealth integration connects two or more people into a video session over the internet, within an Epic encounter. Initiated through Epic's SMART on FHIR, providers and patients can readily meet in a secure BlueJeans video session via various endpoint options.

BlueJeans enables high-definition video, Dolby Audio, and purpose-built features tailored to telehealth encounters. The integration empowers providers to improve collaborative care with greater reach through video.

Some of these features include:

• Quick and easy launch of a telemedicine video encounter through a single click in the Epic client interface (Hyperspace, Haiku or Canto).

• Status update when a patient joins the telemedicine consult (via Hyperspace, Haiku or Canto interfaces), improving provider efficiency and time management.

• Automatic updates of post-visit summary of check-in/check-out times, visible via Epic administrative interfaces.


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