At its foundation, Blue Jeans is about building connections between people and strengthening existing working relationships. By bringing people together through video conferencing, Blue Jeans is making it easier to achieve a greater degree of transparent communication for your business.

Whether users are leveraging the large meetings add on feature to run a conference with one hundred participants, or collaborating with a colleague on a shared document, they're using Blue Jeans to make communication happen more frequently, and more effectively.

Like video conferencing, transparent communication has innumerable benefits, but perhaps its most important one is that it effectively matches expectations with realities. By communicating more often, Blue Jeans users are able to stay on the same page with their colleagues regardless of the distance. Keeping track of projects is simpler with virtual presentations and progress reports, so there are no surprises further down the line. Transparent communication allows everyone to get important information at the time when it's most relevant to them, because vital details are discussed face to face rather than lost in a never-ending email chain.

Blue Jeans allows users to discuss things thoroughly with full visual and auditory clarity, so nuances are conferred from one party to the other as if they were meeting in person. According to a 2014 survey, 65% of the top decision makers reported wanting face-to-face video in most or all of their online meetings, and 87% reported wanting to connect with their manager using face-to-face video. That's because these decision makers understand the value of transparent communication, and understand that the best way to attain top results for your business is by communicating clearly and often.

Video conferencing has the power to transform your business communications, and that could mean the difference between an enterprise that fails, and an enterprise that reaches massive success. As cliché as it may seem, the team that works together really is the team that succeeds in the end. Let Blue Jeans help you and your team members start communicating more transparently

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