When it comes to tackling responsibilities, mobility is the name of the game. Advances in mobile technology have given us the ability to handle responsibilities like never before. With new smartphone capabilities coming out every few weeks, more and more job functions can take place on the go.

Why mobile?

According to Pew Research, around 90% of American adults own a cell phone, and 58% own a smartphone. Many of these smartphones come with built-in cameras and with standard 4G / LTE service, it has the ability to support video conferencing with Blue Jeans. As such, the average employee is already equipped to telecommute and conduct business from their mobile device, reducing the need to invest in additional expensive telecommunications equipment.


Application of Mobile Video Conferencing

Mobile conferencing has functional application for a wide range of professional industries, making it easier to accomplish goals without geographic constraints.

  • Employees can stay up to date with the office while they are traveling. With the capacity for seamless content sharing, colleagues can go through files in real time and discuss their contents.
  • Larger businesses can easily synchronize teams in different offices. Because you can conference with up to 100 participants, getting everyone on the same page is easier than ever.
  • Conferencing through Blue Jeans lets team members instantly connect with one another without the need for bulky equipment.
  • Mobile video conference capabilities let you maximize your productivity and make use of down time for catching up with the office.
  • Using a mobile device for video conference virtually eliminates the need for potential hires to visit for an interview, so businesses can source the best talent, wherever it might be located.
  • With access to Blue Jeans from any platform, employees in any customer or client facing position can cut down on their travel needs, saving the company money on flights and hotels.

With Blue Jeans mobile video conferencing, it’s not just business as usual, but business from anywhere, at any time. Companies often need to supply new gadgets for their employees on a regular basis to achieve efficiency. Now, businesses can simply make use of their existing mobile phones to host video conferences, simplifying operations and lowering expenses.