Blue Jeans helps a variety of professionals with their day to day communications, with a wide range of tools that support seamless collaboration. For those in the human resources field, Blue Jeans provides a solution to not only improve the quality of their work, but to reduce operational expenses as well. Wondering how Blue Jeans can help your human resources department? Check out our guide to five ways HR can benefit from HD video conferencing!

  • Broadening the Search for New Candidates
    Finding the best talent for your company is growing ever more competitive. To ensure that they're sourcing the best candidates for open positions in their company, HR recruiters are using Blue Jeans to broaden their search and reach candidates outside of the local area. Blue Jeans enables hiring managers to get in touch with students at top schools and candidates from other regions with ease.
  • Conducting Video Interviews
    Blue Jeans simplifies the interview process and eliminates the costs associated with flights and lodging for preliminary candidates. By conducting early round interviews over HD video conferencing, interviewers can get a feel for potential hires in a face-to-face conversation, but with a fraction of the logistical planning. Candidates can join the interview from their laptop or mobile device, so virtually everyone is equipped and ready for the conversation.
  • Development Training Sessions
    For employee training, Blue Jeans is a convenient virtual space that makes it easy for employees to join. On average, by investing $1,500 per employee for training, companies can increase their gross profit margins by around 24%. In addition to higher margins, those companies will often also see an increase in retention rates, as employees see growth potential through professional development.
  • Compliance Education Seminars
    Keeping up a large organization up to speed on industry rules and regulations can be difficult, but video conferencing is an easy solution for live compliance meetings that save time and reduce expenses. For compliance education seminars, Blue Jeans allows HR users to host large scale conferences, with up to 100 interactive participants using the Large Meetings add-on feature.
  • Company-Wide Internal Meetings
    To deliver the most recent updates about company changes, Blue Jeans allows the HR department to reach their entire workforce with a live meeting. Go a step further than the basic email memo and give your employees a platform to participate in a dialogue. Schedule a Blue Jeans HD video conference for more interactive company-wide meetings.

Sign up for a 14-day unlimited free trial of Blue Jeans HD video conferencing today, and see what a difference it can make for your human resources operations!