At Blue Jeans Network, we understand the importance of strong decision making. Smart decisions are all about consulting your colleagues, collecting the best information, and critically evaluating that information to determine outcomes.

With Blue Jeans internet video conferencing, you have the collaboration tools you need to make the most informed decisions for your business. Check out these five reasons why internet video conferencing is changing the decision making process:

  • Simpler Decision Assessment
    The first step of the decision making process is assessing the needs and requirements of your business. With video conferencing, you can easily host meetings with different departments to discuss the current priorities of the company and determine which projects warrant the most attention.
  • More Accessible Colleagues
    With its signature interoperability, Blue Jeans makes your clients and colleagues more accessible, so you can connect with virtually anyone. Decision-makers can set up a meeting, and invite collaborators to join from the device of their choice, whether that's on their laptop, a conference room system, or even their mobile device. Video conferencing enables face to face conversation, so you can consult any authority for the insights that lead to a better decision.
  • Informational Sharing Tools
    In order to make the most informed decision, reviewing any relevant data and materials is essential. With Blue Jeans, rich content sharing takes place within the video conference, letting your collaborators share any documents, spreadsheets, slideshows, or high definition videos that might be helpful to your decision. Meeting participants can even share content from their mobile device using the Blue Jeans iOS app.
  • Scale Discussions
    When you've gathered sufficient information and consulted with your colleagues, you're ready to make a proposal. Blue Jeans allows users to scale these discussions for a simple, streamlined meeting that includes all involved parties. Share your proposal in one live, virtual meeting for a more effective presentation. The Blue Jeans platform lets you hold a discussion about your decision that is both effective and time efficient.
  • Monitor Implementation & Project Progress
    After a decision is reached, Blue Jeans users can easily monitor the implementation of any changes. Internet video conferencing allows you to check in remotely, so you can stay on track with regular updates on the progress of your project and measure the results of your decision.

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